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Regular trainings: Acrobatics, Handstand, Acrodance, Partner acrobatics, Partnering, Flexibility, Strength, Acroyoga, Yoga, Cyr Wheel, Contemporary dance, Aerial Hoop, Aerial Silks, Aerial Yoga, Body & Movement Flow, Contortion, Hip hop, Popping.
Partner Acrobatic Training
Kids Circus Training

Kids Circus Training

The kids floor acrobatics and aerial acrobatics trainings are taking place every Wednesday at 16h30 until 17h30.

Acrodance Kids

Kids Acro-dance and Aerial acrobtatics

The kids Acro-dance and Aerial acrobatics trainings are taking place every Friday at 17h45 until 19h00.

Acrobatics Training


Would you like to learn how to do a cartwheel or a flicflac or are you already a gymnast or acrobat and would like to receive specific tips from professional artists and trainers? Then this training have been created for you! After a warm-up with strength and agility exercises, you will learn acrobatic movements step by step. Depending on the level of each participant more advanced exercises will be taught.
All levels are welcome.

Let's dance

Urban dance

Urban dance classes.
Pure energy with a mix of styles of Hip hop, Breakdance, House, Popping, Tutting and much more!

Partner Acrobatics Training

Partner Acrobatics

The training is open to beginners and advanced levels, You can come in couple or alone. The course will start with an articulation warm-up, flexibility, strength and counter weight sequences, step by step we will be diving in a playful into the techniques of Partner acrobatics. Depending on the level different combinations will be taught.

Contemporary dance

Contemporary dance

The contemporary dance style focuses on connecting all the body movements through as little effort in strength as possible. There for we will use the momentum of the body to connect and transit into the next movement. The contemporary style is very physical and combines traditional contemporary dance flows with floor work and acrobatic elements.

Aerial Silks training

Aerial Silks training

During the training you will learn Aerial Silks, Aerial hoop and Aerial Rope.
Check the schedule for the training hours.
All levels are welcome. Duration : 90 Minutes.

Handstand Training

Handstand training



After a deep articulation warm up we will be going through a sequence of movements from dance, acrobatics, flexibility and balancing figures like handstand in splits, we will be combining all of those elements adapted to the ability of each participant. If you are looking to learn some new movements or push your limits in Acro-dance you are at the right place.
All level are welcome.

Partnering training


Tuesday from 18h50 to 19h50
The class will start with an articulation warm up with focus in arms, back, legs and shoulders, we will explore counter balance, handstands and body movement awareness, feels the partner movement flow, synchronize with the other and lift each other up.
Duration : 60 Minutes.

Cyr Wheel Training

Cyr Wheel Training

The training is orientated to develop the Cyr Wheel Skills. We focus on the individual aim of each participant concerning the approach towards the Cyr Wheel. Basic elements from acrobatics movements, balancing, flexibility and strength are also included in each training to help develop the control of the body and the Cyr Wheel movements.
All levels are welcome.

Flexibility Training

Flexibility training

Are you looking to become more flexible, or you are already flexible and want to learn new movements like the contortionists and gymnasts, then this training is for you! After a warm-up, you will learn stretching techniques, back flexibility, shoulder flexibility, the splits.. Depending on your level, advanced movements are also taught. Benefit of the professional knowledge from the trainers and artists of Dacimu Arts to achieve your goals even faster.
All levels are welcome.



Acroyoga is a physical practice that brings together Yoga and different acrobatics techniques inspired from the Circus and Gymnastics Partner Acrobatics.

Yoga Vinyasa

Yoga Vinyasa

Vinyasa is a modern yoga practice that combines movement with breath. It is a dynamic practice that strengthens muscle endurance, flexibility and body awareness. By incorporating short meditation and breathing exercises during the class, body and mind are given the opportunity to reconnect. The classes are designed for all levels. Beginners are welcome to join.

Ballet Training


Layla Ackermann teaches ballet using the ACB vaganova method. The main focus in her class is on correct technique and body control. In this workshop for ballet beginners, the basics of the Russian ballet method are explained and learned step by step in the middle.